Rapid Prototyping

We work with Customers to deliver
turnkey solutions employing design
techniques like Rapid Prototyping
and 3D Scanning.
We specialise in advanced engineering
tools dedicated for the Automotive industry.
Each project is provided with a complete
3D and 2D documentation with structural
and thermodynamic analysis as well as
advanced prototype components.


A key focus area in tackling emissions
is the optimisation of vehicle aero.
With the access to one of the leading
Aerodynamics Labs in Europe with
a commercial-scale 150 kW fan
producing up to 60 m/s of air flow, we
can model and test vehicle air flows
for the highest efficiency gains.

Energy Storage

Our Engineering Team brings expertise
in High Power Commercial Applications
with a patented technology of Hybrid
Energy Storage Systems.
Our designs use both innovative
supercapacitor modules and industry-
standard battery cells for the most
efficient use of electrical energy
in the sector.

OEM Cooperation

We have over 50+ years of experience
working with Automotive companies,
implementing multiple advanced technologies
tailored to Customers needs.
Our Team can lead or join your Engineering
project to provide cutting-edge technical
solutions – on budget and on time.

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