SuperHybrid is the most power-dense
solution for performance applications.
Recovering energy from the electric
motor during braking, the System
provides a boost of 200 kW of power
in a 42-kg robust enclosure.


SuperHybrid equals engineering for speed
– we aim to slash the 0-100 km/h
acceleration time in half in comparison
to the standard version of the model.
We employ advanced battery and supercapacitor
cells delivering up to 110 kW of power per kilogram
with 99% efficiency. This means safety onboard
and no risk of thermal runaway.


SuperHybrid enables repeatable 200 kW
Power Cycles with VERS Cell Management System
and proprietary liquid cooling solutions.
Hybridisation also fulfils new environmental goals
by lowering CO₂ emission levels up to 30%.

OEM Cooperation

We have over 50+ years of experience
working with Automotive companies,
implementing multiple advanced technologies
tailored to Customers project requirements.
Our Team can provide a SuperHybrid System
for testing or join your Engineering project to
provide cutting-edge technical solutions
– on budget and on time.